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Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

At Sea Serene, owner Vanessa does all the cosmtic tattooing procedures.  As a brow guru, Vanessa takes you through the entire process and a makes entirely sure that a brow tattoo is going to be the right option for you. Alot of time is spent choosing the correct colour and shape for your face as well as the technique used.  




Individual hair strokes are microbladed into the skin with a manual hand tool (non machine) that mimics your natural hair pattern. Lasts 12-18 months in the skin before a maintenance appointment may be needed.Not suitable for oily skin, rosacea clients, clients on blood thinners.


This technique combines microblading and ombrè shading. Microblading technique is used at the bulb of the brow which will slowly fade off into an ombre shading towards the tail using the tattoo gun. Lasts 12-18 months before a maintenance appointment may be necessary.


A pixelated shading tattoo effect which goes from light to dark using a tattoo gun which will give an ombre effect. This is a longer lasting and suits all skin types. This is not a block colour tattoo. An ombre brow is customisable and you can have them as dramatic or soft as you like. 


Inital Appointment ( Microblading, Ombre or Powder Brows) $290
Touch Up/Perfection - must be done within 6 weeks of intital appointment to perfect your new brows $100
Maintenance - our work only (12-24 months) $190



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